Car Donation Services helps local charities

Rich Smith, CEO

Rich Smith, CEO

At Car Donation Services, we have been working for over 19 years generating needed revenue for local Non Profit organizations.   While many in the community may have heard of us, we are glad to finally be able to tell our story to more people via our blog.

We currently support over 50 charities in the greater San Francisco, CA  Bay Area.   We help different organizations in Contra Costa, Alameda and Sonoma county, just to name a few.   Over the past several years we have sold over $6.5 million in donated vehicles.  And, we are always interested in helping other charities!

Our intent is to spread the message that donating a vehicle is both charitable and financially beneficial for the donor.  While your gift goes to a worthy cause, you also receive a break on your taxes equivalent to the selling price of the vehicle.

If you manage a 501(c)(3) charity and would like more information, we would love to speak with you.  If you would like to donate a vehicle, please contact us via our website or call on the phone…all you have to do is pick the charity and we will do the rest.

Within our blog we will be talking about current events that surround our car donation services family & team.  You will get to see some of the charities that we donate to and hopefully what some of the charities say about us via postings!

It has been a pleasure serving the community for all these years and we look forward to helping for many more!

Rich Smith, CEO

Car Donation Services

One Response to “Car Donation Services helps local charities”

  1. Sara H says:

    Thank you for helping me donate my Saturn. I was very pleased with the fact that I didnt have to do anything except call you and tell you which charity to donate it to. Keep up the good work!